Forget about what the groundhog promised us. When it's chilly at night, no matter what time of the year we’re focused on warmth.  No one likes being in work clothes any longer than they have to.  That's where loungewear makes its grand entrance.  Loungewear is not sleepwear! There's a difference.

What is sleepwear?

Sleepwear is exclusively ready-for-bed pieces like drawstring trouser-style bottoms or blousy nightshirts. Usually it’s in bold colors or fun prints, and it fits generously. Materials are often casual-comfy, like fleece and flannel.

What is loungewear?

Loungewear tends to be more sophisticated, tailored-looking. Typically the colors are black, gray or rich, dark solids like blue. A loungewear wardrobe consists of coordinating separates like tees, tanks, jackets, leggings, pants or capris you can mix and match. It fits more body-consciously than PJs and is made from modal or cotton blends; sometimes fleece, too. Wear it for running errands, having guests over or being a well-dressed houseguest yourself.

Is wearing loungewear in public ok?

Five, ten years ago loungewear used to be taboo, these days you don’t have to think twice about leaving the house in it. In fact, it’s definitely the way to go if you’re given the choice.  Something we like to do when deciding between sleepwear and loungewear is doing the “doorbell test.” Simply put, would you feel comfortable opening the door in what you were wearing when the doorbell rang?

How should you style your loungewear for leaving the house?

First you should pair your loungewear with a bra or bralette. Second, wear it as a matching set. Pajamas are sold together; loungewear usually will come in a collection. When you’re heading out to do some errands go with flats, sporty sneakers or shearling loafers.  But you can also dress it up with some vertiginous heels.