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The Lemon Collections

Privacy Policy

Anew Legwear LLC (“we” or “us”) has designated this privacy policy to outline our process for collecting and sharing information on, as well as your options in terms of sharing with the site.

Your Personal Information

The personal information you provide to our site may be used for purposes such as:

  • Satisfying your orders for products, services, or information
  • Monitoring the status of online orders
  • Product delivery
  • More personalized and efficient customer service
  • New product and service offers
  • Enhancing the effectiveness of our website, including services, offers, and marketing practices
  • Leading research and analysis
  • Distributing marketing/communications materials
  • Carrying out other business activities as needed or described elsewhere within our Policy>
  • Information is collected via your interactions with the site, using cookies and similar technology.

Further personal and non-personal information may be gathered from third party providers. This occurs when you provide our site with information about you or others. We maintain this data only for the specific reason it was provided to us, such as when you provide a friend’s shipping address or email a link to a “wish list.”

Your Elections

Anew Legwear LLC reaches out to its customers via multiple channels, not only to increase marketing efforts, but to keep customers up-to-date on new products, services, content, promotions, or offers, which may be relevant to them.

Such outreach is conducted via email, text, etc – which will require your express consent to opt in and can be canceled at any time.