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The Lemon Collections

  1. Robes
  2. Robe Gift Box - Snow

    Robe Gift Box - Snow

    Special Price $59.25 Regular Price $79.00
  3. Robe Gift Box - Buff

    Robe Gift Box - Buff

    Special Price $59.25 Regular Price $79.00
  4. Robe Gift Box - Grey

    Robe Gift Box - Grey

    Special Price $59.25 Regular Price $79.00
  5. Sale
    Plush Towel Robe - Snow

    Plush Towel Robe - Snow

    Special Price $55.30 Regular Price $79.00
  6. Sale
    Marled Sponge Robe - Buff

    Marled Sponge Robe - Buff

    Special Price $68.60 Regular Price $98.00

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Relaxation and cozy robes go hand in hand and you deserve only the best with our comfortable collection. These aren't your grandma’s robes! From our classic robes (like our faux fur robes and sweater robes) to our new additions (like our fashion robe and cable knit robe) we have a full range of soft and luxurious bathrobes you’ll love. Here at the Lemon Collection we are your ultimate robe brand. Whether fresh out of the bath at home or venturing onto your front porch our soft robes are like a perpetual shield against stress and agitation. Choose a cozy robe for all different occasions. When you go on vacation, be sure to bring your favorite soft and warm robe to up your relaxation game. Pick out your coziest robes for your laziest days. Our super soft gingerbread robes are a warm and cozy invitation to getting the most out of your time at home. Our cozy gingerbread robes are also perfect for showing off to guests (and making them jealous of how comfortable you are) because of its thick texture and the non revealing way it clings to your figure. Warm yourself with one of our luxe, plush robes and curl up as cozy as can be. Our robes push the limits of what it means to be comfortable, and you might find that you don’t want to slip out of them when you leave your home for work the next day. Shop our complete collection of cozy women’s robes now.