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Set Ascending Direction

Lazy days have never been more warm and cozy with Lemon’s collection of comfortable lounge bottoms. We have a full range of soft and comfortable ladies’ loungewear that will make your home life as warm and cozy as can be. Each of our incredibly soft pieces is crafted to keep you cozy and comfortable. Lazy days have never been cozier with Lemon’s collection of cute lounge pants. Just imagine getting home from a long day and changing into our super soft joggers or lounge pants. Instead of dreading rainstorms and dreary weather, look forward to just how comfortable you can become when you slit into your favorite warm and cozy clothing. Our ultimate track joggers are feature material that is both stretchy and durable yet soft and cozy. Our cozy ultimate track joggers also feature elastic waists with drawstrings and fitted bands around the ankles, proving that the littlest of features go a long way in making you snug and comfortable. Many of our cozy bottoms perfectly match our selection of equally warm and soft tops. Our viscose lounge pants are as chic as they are cozy. Speaking of our joggers, they look so good that instead of keeping them at home you can wear them out with you (and not just for jogging). Our bottoms are so soft and comfortable that they will have you getting ready for bed (or cozy lounge time) the minute you get home every day. Check out our full collection of women’s loungewear now.