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Set Ascending Direction

​Prepare to relax at home with our warm and cozy women’s loungewear. Whether you’re lookingfor a soft slip tank or slip dress for a special occasion, loungewear for vacations, the perfect cable knit sweater, or cozy clothes you can wear from day to night, we have what you’re looking for. Each piece ofour comfortable ladies’ loungewear collection is crafted to keep you warm and cozy. On a cool day justimagine changing into a warm luxe faux fur hoodie, a pink slip dress, soft cashmere shorts or cozy loungepants whether abroad or at home. Wear our lounge clothes whether camping or shopping or attendingclass with the confidence that you’re cozy and comfortable while still looking appropriately ready for thetasks ahead. Warm yourself with one of our oh-so-soft plush robes at home after a long day and curl up inthe coziness. Our lounge wear will keep you comfortable year round, with each article of clothingdesigned to keep you warm and cozy without making you hot. Loungewear doesn’t mean private wear,our cozy and stylish designs are meant to be seen by more than the members of your household. Whetherfor virtual meetings or intimate social gatherings, our lounge clothes will have you feeling comfortableand confident while looking professional and cordial. Having a cozy slumber party? Steal the show withour soft cardigans or revel in their comfort when it’s just you alone. Don’t say pajama when it comes toour soft lounge pants, these you don’t just have to stay at home with and can venture into the world incomfortable style. The same goes with our cozy new boyfriend sweaters, which are comfortable yetattractive enough to wear for most occasions and not just at home. Shop our complete collection ofwomen’s loungewear now.