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Set Ascending Direction

Quality, comfortable leggings are our specialty here at The Lemon Collections. Whatever your outfit, we have the perfect cozy pair for you. Our collection of women’s leggings ranges from everyday essentials like soft black leggings, to the Lemon exclusive fashion leggings. Where else can you find warm and cozy lace leggings and ombre leggings in the same place? Our outfit leggings are created by designers who know ladies fashion inside and out and specialize in making you comfortable. So what tickles your fancy? Snap leggings? Fatigue leggings? Fade leggings? We got ‘em. Our Harbor Mesh Leggings features a nautical pattern that will have your lower body feeling like it’s being encased by a soft and cozy cloud. For the trendsetters, we have Lemon exclusives like scrunch leggings, fur cuff leggings, and flecked leggings. We pride ourselves in making warm leggings to wear at home or abroad that are fashionable, functional and comfortable. Leggings are as fashionable as they are multi purpose, with our comfortable Amalfi Twinkle Leggins being a perfect example of cozy and soft leggings that can be worn literally anywhere while still being fashionable with stylish ombre stripes from ankle to calf. No matter the time of year (or temperature) our all purpose leggings will keep you comfortable and functional as well as extra warm in the winter months. If you’re just trying to keep warm this season, check out our super soft white noise, lightweight fur leggings or ribbed fur leggings. Whether you’re at the gym or relaxing at home, we’ll keep you warm and comfortable. Shop our vast Leggings selection now.