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    Cotton Ball Pillow - Oxford

    Cotton Ball Pillow - Oxford

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Home is where the heart is and your heart should be as cozy and warm as possible. Redecorate your living room and bedroom to make your perfect cozy haven.Whether you are looking for decorative pillows or a cozy pillow to sleep on, The Lemon Collection has you covered. Warm and cozy pillows are a great addition to any couch or sofa, but be sure to have at least two per sitting space unless you want the occupants of your house to fight over them. The perfect warm and cozy pillow is something you will lay on or cuddle with nearly every single night and should be chosen with care. When it comes to adorning your living room with our home products don’t be surprised if you get so cozy, warm, and comfortable that you can’t make it to the bedroom before falling asleep. Who doesn't like soft throw pillows? The perfect pillow is the cozy soft one your guests cling to the minute you move over to the living room. Our cotton ball pillows are knit in such a way that they embody a cozy sense of hominess. Fluffy pillows are great at tying up a room together. Shop our collection of soft and cozy pillows now!