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Just the words Lazy Lounge Day may already make you feel warm and cozy at the idea of staying at home all to yourself. Having a lazy day at home is only as good as how cozy and comfortable your living space actually is; from your clothes to your decor to how soft the pillows are on your couch and in your bed. Lazy lounge days are at their best when you come prepared. Our berber blankets are the ultimate soft and cozy snuggle buddy, interchangeable between your couch, bed, and even draped around your shoulders as you go from room to room! An alternative to wearing a warm and cozy blanket around your house is our selection of soft and adorable robes. Our plush towel robes are the ultimate cozy accessory and are much more handy than simply something to throw on when you get out of a warm shower; on a lazy lounge day you can literally live in your cozy plush towel robe and you may find that it’s so comfortable you end up wearing it to bed! Our variety of different colored, ultra cozy Movie Night Slippers are, just as the name implies, the ultimate footwear for when you're curling up on your couch. As the perfect combination of a warm and soft sock meeting the firm support of a slipper, you’ll find yourself never wanting to “slip” these cozy little guys off! If more classic cozy slippers are your thing then our Berber flip flops with fluffy poms are as cute as they are soft and warm; you’ll find yourself looking down to admire them (and play with the fluffy pom) throughout your cozy lazy time, get ready to post lots of pictures! Our warm and cozy Lazy Lounge Day collection makes staying at home fun and comfortable again. Shop our collection of Lazy Lounge Day women’s accessories now!