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There’s the heart of winter and the coldest of snow days, and then there is your cozy cabin escape. While a real warm and cozy cabin very much fits the bill, we’re talking about a metaphorical cabin; your cozy cabin escape is anywhere you go whether you are on vacation or travelling to your favorite weekend adventure spot. No matter where you head off to, our super warm, soft and cozy gear is exactly what you need to make the most of your cold weather fun and look absolutely adorable while doing so. Our cozy Winter Cabin Cute boots for example come in flannel, oxford, vintage, and white sand, and as the name implies are so adorable and comfortable that you’ll never want to take them off even at home; their ultra soft faux fur cuffs are so mesmerizing that you’ll constantly be reaching down to your ankle to play with them. Our soft and comfortable winter cabin mittens likewise feature faux fur cuffs and with their knitted fabric are both warm and handy, perfect for throwing snowballs! There’s keeping your neck warm, then there’s keeping your neck toasty with our 2 sided Blanket Scarfs, a must have for giving yourself an extra layer of warmth and the finishing touch to your already adorable outfit. Our soft and cozy winter cabin hat with a pom is an absolutely outfit completer, with the soft and fluffy pom being your new favorite toy as you venture out both cozy and comfortable into a winter wonderland. Our ultra soft, fluffy, and cozy Shaggy Bunny and Faux Fur ear muffs keeps your most sensitive (and often overlooked) body parts snug and cozy (while not reducing your ability to hear in the slightest.)
Bundle up for a winter wonderland and the perfect cabin escape with our collection of women’s cuffed slippers, legging, ear muffs, and more!

Shop our oh so toasty and warm collection of Cabin Escape women’s accessories now!