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The Lemon Collections

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Set Ascending Direction

With warm toes, the better your day goes. Lounge around the house in style with our impressive collection of soft and cozy hardsole slippers. From incredibly soft faux fur flip flops to our fur scuffs, we have everything you need to be comfortable. Our super soft faux fur boots and bunny paw slippers will have you looking so fashionable that you won’t want to wear them just at home. Our warm and cozy rudolf, pink nose reindeer, and puppy dog slippers will impress guests (and your pets) and be the talk of the slumber party all while being as comfortable and soft as less exciting slippers. Our soft and cozy tipped fur scuff slippers are a classy hardsole slipper that you’ll want to slip on the moment you get home. Our flip flop slippers offer a breezy option while being no less soft and comfortable. Slip into the Lemon Collection’s cozy and soft selection of boots and shop now.