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Set Ascending Direction

There’s no need to freeze for the sake of fashion, finding warm and cozy women’s ear muffs has never been easier. When it comes to staying warm our ears are often overlooked. Your cold weather wardrobe could include everything from a cozy hat to warm gloves, a scarf and poncho, but without comfortable ear muffs you’ll never be as warm as you could be. Our shaggy bunny ear muffs and faux fur earmuffs redefine your definitions of what it means to be warm and cozy if only because of the sheer amount of fluff they feature. Our soft and cozy ear muffs don’t muffle sound and are perfect in social gatherings (if only because of how cute they’ll make you look). A close cousin to our cozy ear muffs are our faux fur sleep masks. Getting a full eight hours of comfortable sleep without the slightest speck of light is essential, and with our faux fur sleep masks we present a mask that will keep your face warm and leave you feeling fully rested each and every morning. While it might seem silly, our ear muffs are so soft you won’t want to take them off, even when you’re at home about to go to bed; that’s where our equally soft and cozy faux fur sleep masks come into play but if you want to save on the heating bill why not wear both? (We won’t tell). Our ear muffs will have you feeling so comfortable and fabulous that you might actually look forward to taking them out during the colder months. As with all of our products at Lemon, we equally prioritize both being fashionable and comfortable. Shop our cozy collection of hats now!