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The Lemon Collections

About Us

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Who we are

Lemon is dedicated to making beautifully soft clothing and accessories that provide a feeling of comforting, cozy luxury.

The brainchild of Maria Giraldi, Lemon was born from the idea that women deserve the very softest yarns in all parts of their life.

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Our belief, our philosophy

Lemon is for those who like the look and feel of wool and cashmere, classic styling, and soft silhouettes. We take pride in the fact that Lemon is not an exclusive brand, only available to those who can afford expensive goods.

Inspired by nature, Lemon is not an age or demographic. It is an emotion and feeling. Our pieces are for everyone, because everyone deserves to be cozy - and live in Lemon.

“Everyone deserves to be cozy and live in Lemon!”

Cozy Cozy
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Warm Warm